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The 2nd week is starting!

Dear all,

Week 2 is starting! Some of us might have some pleasant muscle aches here and there and plenty of great emotions.

What is a run and how to better embrace it from a physical perspective?

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ Tao Te Ching

‘Small is beautiful’: the economist Ernst F. Schumacher advocated for small measures that impact humans more than the ‘bigger is better’ idea.

Here is your menu for Week 2:

1) For those who have not started yet and who do not like running, the first step might seem to be the most challenging one: no time, not in appropriate shape, no wish to start, not a good enough runner, “I do not run like those running athletes”.

Why not adopt a yogic approach and start small? Very slowly and surely whilst enjoying every move - 30 minutes a day several times per week is good enough. There are 3 months to go so you can pace yourself.

2) Podcast with plenty of pieces of advice to be used for casual (non-marathon) runners:

3) Why exercise – how your brain reacts: ?

4) Why and how to run?

More details on running:

Benefits of running:

Learn to be gentle with yourself, run responsibly:

Run more easily:

Risks of running:,;

5) Muscle memory

What is it?

If you have ever run, you will re-start not from scratch but in an optimised way:;

‘It's very likely that at some point in your life you'll need time off from running. ... But rest assured that every time you run, you 'bank' muscle memory.

Those deposits become a type of running nest egg you can cash out down the road. 'The more times you go over the memory now, the longer it will last’

how to restart after an injury : play safe and reinforce your muscle memory:

1/ visualise,

2/ eat anti-oxidant containing food,

3/ sleep,

4/ strength-train.

Some scientific explanation on weight-lifting example (bbrrrr… this video is here for the explanation sake, not to insist you push all this iron…yikes…):

And, of course, muscle memory applies not only to sports but to any learning skills:

6) For some of us exercising is harder than for others, check out your perspective and modify if needed :

7) And the competition? It does NOT make sense to compare yourself to others.

We are all of different age, in different physical shapes and living in different

climate conditions.

The wisest competition is the one not against the others but with yourself – to become a stronger and happier person.

Just enjoy running within this group, for the Girls in need and for yourself.

Are you ready ?

Check your shoes, frequency and pace of your runs, surface, area and eventually air, posture, app and GO!

And afterwards make sure to stretch and rest!



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