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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

My name is Ewelina Gwozdz-Sage, I am Polish-French, live in Dubai and am delighted to be a part of the INSEAD GEMBA 19 Middle East Section.

Professionally, I am a Senior Marketing Expert in luxury goods with global corporate and entrepreneurial experience. For the past 9 years I have been a Managing Director of Exception Brands, a company that provides bespoke branding and marketing services to luxury and unique products worldwide.

In my personal life, I am an accomplished mum of three beautiful and healthy children. I have also been vegetarian since over 20 years and since a few months have adopted a raw, unprocessed food lifestyle.

What is your motivation in participating in Run4Change?

Run4Change, organized by INSEAD GEMBA 19 promotion, is a three-months event, which main goal is through, an ONG organization, to help girls in developing countries improve their life conditions and, more specifically, to allow them an access to education.

There are a few reasons for my participation.

The main one, I would say, is, as a woman, I believe that women should empower each other.

Secondly, I believe that in the XXI century boys and girls should have an equal access to education.

In order to influence that change, I have been an active member of several global women organizations and associations empowering girls and women in their local communities. Personally, I have also been mentoring young women entrepreneurs.

Additionally, I find Run4Change an outstanding experience which brings programs’ participants and academics together for one cause. Being a part of this fantastic group allowed me to meet likeminded inspiring individuals and brought more joy into my life.

How do you support the action and what is your personal commitment?

I try to support the action through my personal and social commitments.

Personally, I have been fit and have had a healthy lifestyle since all my life, so there is no major change in my way of living. However, for the purpose of the action, I am putting more efforts on running and challenge myself for that.

I run 40-55km per week. My ultimate goal is to run 20km in one go at the end of November.

On November 8th 2019, I participated in Dubai Fitness Challenge by running 10 km, and very recently, on November 15th, I ran a 70 km trail-team-relay ultramarathon with Zsolt Parkanyi, Jose dos Santos, Mark Antoine Nader, Mads Mohr, my amazing classmates, in Mountains of Hatta, close to the border with Oman. I really challenged myself by running around 20 km for the team. This experience was memorable for the efforts, team-work and views, as well as for my personal observation of the energy level in my body on the raw diet during such an intense effort. So far, I have run 400km for Run4Change.

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