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#INSEADrun4change kicks off!

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Dear All,

Congratulations with this decision to start running with a purpose to help someone in need, someone you do not know and have never met.

Every meter of your effort counts!

As this is our collective long-term journey, in which everyone will participate individually at their pace, we would like to make sure you start well, enjoy it and finish it healthy and in a better shape.

Thus we selected some tips and pieces of advice regarding running for you:

  1. Fix your own personal goals for a week and a month and a total distance

  2. Check your material - shoes are key. If you have a doubt, you might wish to check them in a specialized shop

  3. Suggested NRC app for your personal training

  4. A TED conference by James O'Keefe, a cardiologist about moderation:

  5. Technics tips: or

  6. Beginners Tips:

  7. Runtastic preparation 10 kms : various tips, warm-up-cool-down, foo


All the best luck!

Enjoy your run, for someone and for yourself!

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