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2 months of INSEADRun4Change!

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

It is our INSEAD GEMBA19 one-year anniversary! As well as two months into our Run4Change launch!

Here where we have come since then.

Fifteen days after the launch we measured the temperature of the well-being of our runners via a survey and were pleased with the results:

- 79% of the respondents were motivated to help someone less privileged, keep in touch with the cohort and get into a better physical and emotional shape.

- 78% felt great: it was inspiring to help someone in need and have the energy boosted, even with the muscle pain.

- For 57% of the respondents something had already changed in 2 weeks: lost kilos and centimetres, more concentration, better sleep and healthier food.

- Everybody said they were excited to continue!

Eight weeks have flown like one day: we, 141 runners, have covered more than 10,270 kms and collected USD 10,572 for

Steadily we are moving towards our double goal: 20,000 kms + €20,000.

With strong legs, happy hearts and joyful faces all around the world: London, San Francisco, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Singapore, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Strasbourg, Dubai, Brussels, Sao Paulo, Malaysia, Frankfurt, you name it! Several days ago, Run4Change touched the ground of the Great Wall of China!

We, happy unstoppable executive MBAs, juggle between families, jobs, studies and, as if it was not enough, Run4Change! Several INSEAD faculty and staff members, alumni and MBAs could not resist and joined. One GEMBA 2021 got embarked, too!

We run near our homes, while travelling for work, for studies (and for rest), under the striking sun and spiky rain, in the fog, in the haze, in the sand, against the wind, in all climates and weather conditions.

And we follow the sun: Asia opens the day, passes the torch to the Middle East, Europe picks it up and Americas closes it. We run in the mornings, in the afternoons, in the evenings and at night.

During such a long run you clearly see true champions!

Since these two months Rahul Yadav, Vice President and Chief R&D Officer from KMD in Denmark, has covered 870 kms running in Denmark, Singapore, Netherlands and the UAE. In the morning you start your day with brushing your teeth, Rahul starts his with his 20 kilometers.

Guillaume Roels, one of our professors, silently ran 560 kms and we are all extremely impressed!

Hany Mokhtar, Senior Director Revenue Management in Asia Pacific at Hilton, will bite his 5 marathon medals this year: Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin, New York and Singapore. Three of them during our Run4Change! By now he has added 440 kms and more will, certainly, come.

Two among our lawyers have run semi-marathons. On September 1st, the start of our Run4Change, Inbal Djalovski, Associate Trial Lawyer at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, ran Harlemmermeerrun, her first half-marathon, which she finished under cheers of her two boys and family. Two months later, on November 1st, Farida Alkaff, Managing Counsel in Compliance and Ethics at Oracle, ran the Dubai Festival City Half Marathon at 40 degrees Celsius - we all felt the heat.

These and other heroes, Benoît Le Bihan, Hannes Hentze, Ewelina Gwozdz-Sage, Maria Latorre, Dimitri Chichlo, Alexandre Le Belleguy, Mukund Nambirajan, Charles LaBelle, Javier Gimeno, form our top 10, each covered between +400 and +200 kms since September 1st.

And you know what? Actually, running, while supporting girls in developing countries and creating changes in their lives, gets transformed into flying. It truly gives wings!

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